this is why we need to start acting upon what we see

In a nutshell

Yesterday I saw an empty can of cider, a paper cup, a soda can and lots of plastic previously used to store food. As well as some toilet paper, a couple of plastic forks and chocolate wrappings. It was all lying in a ditch, within throwing distance from car windows or hikers on the way to the mountains. It will probably take more than 500 years for all this to disappear on its own. If it disappears at all.

All the plastic that’s ever been thrown into nature, is still there. Plastic was introduced to us in the 1950s, and much of it is simply not degradable. It collects pollutants which can be spread in the food chain when animals confuse the plastic for food. Birds and animals can be hurt or die if they come in contact with this waste, which we’ve intentionally thrown away. 

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