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its estimated that there is a area roughly the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is a swirling mass of plastic trash. Each year millions of birds, mammals and fish die from plastic because they either eat it or get caught in it… 90% of Albatross chick carcasses contain plastic
while turtles die as a result of plastic blockages in the intestines and make the animals float so they can’t dive for food

despite sea tempretue rise many researches and environmental organisations continue to believe that plastic and rubbish in the marine environment continue to be the number one threat. with 8 million items of marine litter estimated to enter oceans and seas every day


how can we leave our marine environment to get to a stage like this?


did you know that on average we use 168 plastic water bottles each per year. that’s a huge amount already but when you times that by the amount of people we have in the world that makes it ridiculously crazy!
personally I felt that I lacked knowledge when it came to the use of plastic bottles of water. are they really that bad for the environment as we make them out to be…

so I did a little research for you! I hope the stats are as frightening to you as they were to me

Approximately 1500 bottles end up in land fills and the ocean…….every second of the day! with the worst part being that it takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose, with the potential to take up to 1000 years to fully decompose!

its silly though we complain about the cost of fuel reaching $1.50L here in Perth yet were more than happy to spend $3.50 for 500ml? can you explain the logic behind that? we spend on average $588.00 on water bottles each year

while we continue to use and abuse we don’t recycle the bottles – approximately 86% of plastic bottles aren’t recycled in USA, in NZ it’s 78%.

“Plastics are like diamonds………they really are forever” this is a quote on one of the websites that I looked at and after reading all the info I really began to understand why.

yet the other day i learnt about a first. a new technology placed in the centre of the Perth CBD that had the ability to dramatically change the way my local community abuse bottled water.

ProAcqua a trial technology used in forest chase. in which you get cheap tap, spring or sparkling water at a fraction of the cost… the only catch… YOU have to bring your own bottle! this could be the out mount franklin bottle you continue to reuse or that clunky metal cooler on you got from your dad all those years ago (thanks dad)

isn’t this fantastic!

i have a few questions to post for you guys though. is there anything like this where you live? any environmentally safe and hygienic water station?

and why is it that you think that we have such a poor recycling rate of water bottles? do you recycle yours?

let me know. send me a comment or a private post im curious to hear your thoughts

So today I was walking to my uni class it was a beautiful rainy day. You could see the dark rumbling clouds continuously creep over the horizon, the breaking of the suns light through the clouds making the water droplets on the shrubbery glisten. It was perfect….. Or so I thought

the path began to be overcome with water. The sludge of breaking down rubbish flowing through the water. Fast food packets, plastic bottles, cans of cool drink littering and filling up the natural environment, slowly making there way down the drain into the marine environment. Isn’t it sad to see that. People just like you and me have done this no thought about the envionment?

I picked up 30 things! 30!!!! It was only a small stretch of road and everything! What has happened to the world that we are living in

Have any of you got any idea on how to stop this? How to stop ruining the beauty that can be found in anything and everything??


this is why we need to start acting upon what we see

In a nutshell

Yesterday I saw an empty can of cider, a paper cup, a soda can and lots of plastic previously used to store food. As well as some toilet paper, a couple of plastic forks and chocolate wrappings. It was all lying in a ditch, within throwing distance from car windows or hikers on the way to the mountains. It will probably take more than 500 years for all this to disappear on its own. If it disappears at all.

All the plastic that’s ever been thrown into nature, is still there. Plastic was introduced to us in the 1950s, and much of it is simply not degradable. It collects pollutants which can be spread in the food chain when animals confuse the plastic for food. Birds and animals can be hurt or die if they come in contact with this waste, which we’ve intentionally thrown away. 

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Today I want to go more in-depth into the water quality project at the state fair.

Built in 1993, the Pathway to Water Quality  exhibit is a group effort by the Indiana Conservation Partners. It’s an interactive exhibit featuring displays on different methods of water conservation for both at home and in nature. It is a model watershed.

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hello to all of you that are out there… whoever and wherever you are

have you ever wanted to make a difference? your own little method of saving the world? omg me too! but really why should I? I love the way I live. Ive made a few changes as to how I live my life but really why should I change more when everybody else doesn’t? doesn’t seem very fair to me!

so I have created this webpage (yeah I know how will I make a difference using a website… I thought that too). I’ve been thinking and listening and there are actually so many ways in which I have the ability to change. And along with your feedback and motivation I believe that all of us together can make a significant difference. I may not be the most eco friendly person out there, and hey you may think the same about yourself…. but all in all I want to help you see that many little footprints can help change the world. One little step at a time.

so feel free to criticise my thinking, tell me what you believe and don’t believe will make a difference. be respectful that we don’t always live in the same location so ideas will vary. I will be posting ideas and information from where I live in western Australia and I would love to hear about ideas and strategies from the places that you all reside

until then get out there and start saving the planet

– M